Video calls to access services


The  video call allow 3G mobile users access services in mobility, in a very easy and fast way, without having to pay every month a data flat rate.

The mobile services don’t need difficult connection or configurations, the video call let the user enjoy contents and services just dialing a number.

The users get access in seconds, don’t need to wait for downloads or navigate on large menus to find the service needed.

The users pay the time they are using the service, don’t need flat data rates or special services activation on the mobile operator side, just like in a voice call, the users pay depending of the dialed number and the time connected.

The services could be completely free for the user if we use free numbers, the service provider will pay the cost to the mobile operator.

With the 3G videoapplications you can offer services already working on Internet, it don’t require important developments, just a small adjustment to the mobile channel, keeping all the processes and business rules already working on Internet.

Information phonebook services.
News services.
Stock information services.
Weather information services.
Traffic Information services.
Home surveillance services.

Video application DGT (Spanish official traffic info)

video call to +34 902 05 15 46

Video application Yellow pages

video call to +34  902 05 15 49

Video application Stock info

Video application Ski Stations


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