Video calls to get goods and services


The video call is a mobile channel that allows the products and services sale on mobility, simple, intuitive, without having to learn how to use Internet, they just need to know how to dial a number.

The 3G videoapplications, although they are web-based, are mobile applications using the full multimedia power to interact with the user. The application offers different options to the user that uses the number keys of the mobile keypad to move through menus and choose what they want.

Because 3G videoapplications are webs can use the same systems and procedures used in the ONLINE Internet sale, making much more easy to develop these applications. For companies that already offer their services or products over Internet these does not mean more than an adaptation to the new environment, reusing all systems and business rules already developed.

Thus, any company offering products or services online, simply by making an adjustment to the new channel, will be able to sale through the mobile market and reach a potential customers universe much higher than the one offered by Internet today.

The 3G videoapplications are web3G, webs with a QCIF size(176×144) that allow the user to interact with the numeric keys on the keyboard, sites that may use similar systems already made for sale over the Internet.

The bus tickets, airplane, train, etc …
The sale of tickets for concerts, film, theater, sporting events …
The sale of CDs, books, electronics etc. …
The sale of content for mobile ringtones, backgrounds, videos and so on …
The sale of services, stock information, news, business, etc. ….
Sports betting, lotteries, gambling, etc. …


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