Video Call, what does it offer?


The videocall is one of the new features of the UMTS network (3G), this functionality enables video from 3G mobile phone.

The telephone operators thought that this functionality focused on video conference, two users with video, not only by voice, in a phone call, was going to revolutionize the market and drive the migration of the old mobile network (GSM) to the new (UMTS).

However, this has not happened in any country in the world, the videoconference will not be the service that added value to the new mobile telephone network. Users do not see the usefulness of this functionality, the ones that uses the video conference rarely repeat and the new users are not willing to try.

In the failure of the video conference have also collaborated telephone service advertising campaigns, that instead of showing specific utility instances, showed the other side of the service, how our wife or husband would be able to discover where are we, of course not where we said, or how our boss would call us and realize that we are not ill in bed, we are in a shopping mall, or even worse, when we are telling the truth it doesn’t look like that on the video call … A big disaster.

Now the technology has evolved and can offer more services, can offer video applications. The videoapplications allow the users to access content and services via the mobile phone just making a video call, it’s a new mobile channel.

There are already on the market different video call service that allow users to experience the simplicity and usefulness of this new channel.

If you are a La Caixa customer in internet, video call +34 902 734 115 with the same user and pwd you will log into your account. Try it!

La Caixa

+34 902 734 115

Here is a sample of the operators advertising campaigns.



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