3G video call, the new mobile channel


The 3G video call is already the new mobile channel.

The video call offers major advantages over the other mobile channels.

The video call is a very easy way to offer contents to the mobile users, even if the don´t have internet culture, they will be able to access and enjoy the services and contents available in data just making a simple video call.

Thus, the video call is the channel to transmit the video applications that will enable users to interact with web services and contents with no need of previous  knowledge, just dialing a number and following the instructions on the screen.

The video call enables Internet World companies to offer their services and contents to a much larger universe of potential clients, we should not forget that the internet mobile users are a subset of the ineternet users, and they are far to represent the  potential customers majority.

As an example of content  application we have YOUTUBE, many people hear about YOUTUBE but they can not access to this content on the web, either because they don´t have internet connection, either because  they don´t have  “internet culture”.

With the mobile phone and just making a call (video call) to +34 902 051 548 any mobile phone user can enjoy the video everybody talk about.

To see how video calls can enable services to people with no “internet culture”, services like buying bus tickets, cinema tickets, betting, ONLINE banking, etc .. Here is La Caixa example ….

If you are La Caixa customer you can access the ONLINE banking services just making a video call. You will be able to see your account movements, your balance, you could make a money transfer, etc ..



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