What is a video call?


The video call is one of the new functionality that the UMTS mobile network offer to the users.

This is not a data-based service, this functionality enables the transmission of video and audio in the same channel.

The new mobile network UTMS is being deployed throughout Europe and will substitute the old GSM network that has been used until now. In Europe already more than 35% of the mobile phones are 3G and this number increases every day.

The video call is a functionality that comes with the mobile phone and the operator contract, like the voice calls. The user don’t have to activate, configure or preinstall it, the user just dials a number and choose the video call instead of voice call option

To make a video call you just have to do something you already know, DIAL A NUMBER, the phone gives us the option to make a voice call or a video call

To use the video call is worthy any 3G mobile phone. The videoapplications are universal and will work the same way independently of the 3G mobile we are using. This is a solution for one of the biggest problems the mobile industry have to offer content on a mobile phone, until know they had to create different contents for diferents mobile phones.

The video call uses a standard video format 3GP


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