What is a video application?

By means of a simple telephone call, the new 3G mobile UMTS network frees channels to carry not only audio but video. Via a simple video-call.

While most users say they find this service useful — but only to SEE the person they have called – advertising campaigns by operators around the world have done little to tap this channel’s full potential. Moreover, technical complications not common to tradition audio-calls have caused a certain market reticence.

But by making a simple video-call, you can now access 3G-platform content. Instead of calling another person, you call a service. The service in question sends you a video presentation and pre-recorded video options.

Video-applications are 3G Web applications, no different than those on the net. They are created with the same tools and stored like any other file. The only requirements are respecting the QCIF size limitations and specifying the interactive DTMF parameters.


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